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KYLE EZELL uses the word “schlep” quite a bit. According to Miriam Webster, it comes from the Yiddish shlepn, and means “to haul.” He says knowing how to schlep is one of the most important skills for living in the city, and one of the most important lessons from his book, Get Urban ($18.95, Capital Books, 2004) When Ezell spoke with the Free Times, the urban planner- turned-author was in Washington, D.C.

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What Type of Urbanite Are YOU!?

You are a Postindustrial Urbanite if you...
  • Find beauty in hard-core, edgy urban environments
  • Are drawn to strong, basic building materials such as steel, glass, and concrete
  • Insist on stunning downtown skyline views
  • Are not pack rats and hate clutter
  • Consider modern interior designs to be most suitable to your taste
You are a Garden Urbanite if you...
  • Enjoy small backyards where birds sing, fish swim, and butterflies dance
  • Are a perfectionist and would prefer your surroundings to match this aspect of your personality
  • Regard front porches full of hanging baskets as highly desirable
  • Love traditional furniture, including classic or Victorian antiques
  • Have historic home revitalization of your list of “must dos”
You are an Eclectic Urbanite if you...
  • Are highly expressive, open to new ideas, and want to express yourself openly on the sidewalk
  • Consider yourself, your friends, and your philosophies to be highly creative
  • Insist on architectural, cultural, and social diversity in your surroundings
  • Are proud of being a non-conformist
  • Feel perfectly comfortable surrounded by sleek modern, Salvation Army, and precious antique furnishings in your Chinese red living room
You are a Blank Canvas Urbanite if you...
  • Are intrigued with analyzing “before and after” building photos
  • Do not consider an empty structure to be empty, just another possibility
  • Don not mind living next to an empty building or a vacant property, if you know it won’t stay that way forever
  • Appreciate the idea that you are effecting change in a positive way, and appreciate having your “thumbprint” on projects that are successful
  • Consider yourself to be a hard-core “urban activist”
Reprinted with permission from Get Urban: The Complete Guide to City Living, by Kyle Ezell
(Capital Books 1-931868-67-0 $18.95 paper)

Get Urban: The Complete Guide to City Living
by Kyle Ezell, A.I.C.P.
"For millions who grew up in the suburbs or spent their working lives on endless highways commuting to and from, Get Urban! is a practical self-help guide to transforming your lifestyle-from a complacent suburbanite to an exhilarated urban dweller. City planner and dedicated urban dweller, Kyle Ezell is determined to bring people back to America's urban centers where life is diverse and convenient. After traveling throughout the U.S. doing urban reconnaissance, he has identified 34 exciting cities that have the settings, ambiance, architecture, housing choices, and opportunities you crave,, without the expense. He'll help you determine your "urban personality" from sleek post-industrial cultural community to gracious historic garden neighborhood; from diverse, trendy arts area to "blank canvas" neighborhoods in need of a rescue…and match your wants, needs, and aspirations to the urban setting you crave. Then learn urban survival skills, including searching for a home, schlepping, dealing with the treat of crime, preparing for unique urban weather conditions, blending into you new neighborhood, even how to walk again. More than 300 photographs, charts, quizzes, and maps make "Get Urban" an illustrated journey deep inside American's revitalizing inner cities and a preview of what you can expect if you dare to make the move to an exhilarating urban lifestyle."

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Kyle Ezell - Get Urban Event
Watch the entire event online. Kyle Ezell has been teaching the urban lifestyle to crowds all over America. He is a trained cultural geographer and nationally known certified city planner, with a goal to share the joys and benefits of city living.

> Introductions (3:00)
> Actual Event (13:00)

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